Smoking Alternatives

Smoking Alternatives

Herbal Smoke - Smokable organic herbs

Smoking Alternative Herbal Blends have been available to help people seeking a substitution for cigarettes & Tobacco which are designed to not only as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes but to alleviate tobacco smoking addiction.

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My Chill Mix 15g

My Chill Mix 15g for Sale Calendula petals, mugwort, peppermint, damiana, red rose petals, pink rose petals A totally natural chill mi..


My Dreamy Mix 20g

My Dreamy Mix 20g for Sale Mugwort, wormwood, passionflower, red rose, pink rose, lavender, mullein Mugwort aids in lucid, insigh..


My Insight Mix 20g

My Insight Mix 20g for Sale Wormwood, lemon myrtle, jasmine, mullein Wormwood to increase sexual desire and the imagination. Mullein t..


My Mystic Mix 20g

My Mystic Mix 20g fo Sale Damiana, passionflower, jasmine, lemon myrtle   Damiana is a soothing, gentle mood lifter while Pass..


My Namaste Mix 20g

My Namaste Mix 20g for Sale Mullein, damiana, red rose, pink rose Damiana is a soothiing, gentle mood lifter while Mullein relaxes the..


My Quit Smoking Mix 20g

My Quit Smoking Mix 20g for Sale Damiana, coltsfoot, lavender This soothing mix can be used as a smoking alternative – damiana is a ge..


My Relax Mix 15g

My Relax Mix 15g for Sale Damiana, red rose petals, pink rose petals, coltsfoot, jasmine Relax and remove your daily anxieties with ou..


My Tranquil Mix 20g

My Tranquil Mix 20g for Sale Hibiscus, pink rose, peppermint, coltsfoot, damiana The hibiscus sweetens, the rose adds a subtle taste, ..



FleshLube Fire 100ml

Fleshlight FleshLube Fire 100ml Lubricant for Sale Fleshlube Fire represents a break-thru in warming lubricant technology. Unlike many of..


iSex USB Vibrating Mega Bullet Vibrator

iSex USB Vibrating Mega Bullet Vibrator for SalePlug your iSex USB Mega Bullet Vibrator into any usb port and see for yourself exactly how ..


Fleshwash Toy Cleaner

Fleshlight Fleshwash Toy Cleaner for Sale 118ml   Fleshlight Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is A MUST for every Fleshlig..


BodyWand Mini Rechargeable Massager Pink

BodyWand Mini Rechargeable Massager Pink | Vibrators and Massagers for Sale | AdultCityA petite, classy, fully rechargeable vibe with power..


Pipedream Numb Nutz Prolong Cream 15ml

Pipedream Numb Nutz Prolong Cream 15ml for Sale Numb Nutz Prolong Cream is a man's climax delay cream for prolonging ejaculation making h..