Herbal Products

Herbal Products

We all know that herbs make great companions in the garden and kitchen. Herbs also have a long history as a natural remedy—and many other more unusual uses too!

Many different types of natural medicine use herbs as part of their practice. Herbal remedies may be ingested in many forms, including pills, tablets, teas, tinctures, and powdered extracts.

Browse our wide range of herbs and herbal products for the right herbs for your needs. If you aren’t able to find what you were looking for, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to source the best quality herbs for your needs.

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Baikal Skullcap Powder 20g

Baikal Skullcap Powder 20g for Sale Baikal skullcap is used to treat respiratory infections, hay fever, and fever. It is also used for ga..


Certified Organic Hibiscus 80g

Certified Organic Hibiscus 80g for Sale Hibiscus Flowers have been used for centuries known for it’s many medicinal uses. One of the rich..


Certified Organic Lemon Myrtle 20g

Certified Organic Lemon Myrtle 20g for Sale Lemon Myrtle is a flowering plant, native to Queensland. Lemon Myrtle Leaf is said to assist ..


Coltsfoot 20g

Coltsfoot 20g for Sale Coltsfoot has been used since the days of ancient Greece and Rome to relieve asthma and bronchial congestion. C..


Damiana 25g

Damiana 25g for Sale Damiana is used primarily as an aphrodisiac for both sexes, but its folklore uses also extend to include treatment f..


Dandelion Leaf 20g

Dandelion Leaf 20g for Sale Dandelion Leaf is one of the oldest documented medicinal herbs, and has been used as a traditional herbal rem..


Ginkgo Biloba Leaf 30g

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf 30g for Sale Ginkgo's hallmark effect is increased circulation, which is important in maintaining our energy level and..


Gotu Kola Leaf 25g

Gotu Kola Leaf 25g for Sale Gotu kola is widely used in traditional American Indian medicines to rejuvenate both mind and body. Clinic..


He Shou Wu Root 30g

He Shou Wu Root 30g for Sale He Shou Wu Root is a powerful Kidney and Liver Tonic. It can also be used to help with low sexual energy. ..


Horny Goat Weed 15g

Horny Goat Weed 15g for Sale Horny Goat Weed has aphrodisiac effects. It stimulates sexual activity in both men and women, stimulates the..


Jasmine Flowers 20g

Jasmine Flowers 20g for Sale Jasmine can have an intensely profound spiritual effect on some people as well as promoting feelings of well..


Lavender Flowers 20g

Lavender Flowers 20g for Sale Lavender is renowned to promote a relaxed and clean feeling. Used for centuries, Lavenders medicinal proper..


Miracle Minded Cleopatra’s Hot Chocolate

Miracle Minded Cleopatra’s Hot Chocolate for Sale Traditional Aphrodisiac Herbs loved in Peru, Mexico & Brazil The Incas learned t..


Miracle Minded Cleopatra’s Love Potion

Miracle Minded Cleopatra’s Love Potion for Sale For thousands of years, this herb has been attributed with aphrodisiac properties. The an..


My Chill Mix 15g

My Chill Mix 15g for Sale Calendula petals, mugwort, peppermint, damiana, red rose petals, pink rose petals A totally natural chill mi..


My Dreamy Mix 20g

My Dreamy Mix 20g for Sale Mugwort, wormwood, passionflower, red rose, pink rose, lavender, mullein Mugwort aids in lucid, insigh..


My Insight Mix 20g

My Insight Mix 20g for Sale Wormwood, lemon myrtle, jasmine, mullein Wormwood to increase sexual desire and the imagination. Mullein t..


My Mystic Mix 20g

My Mystic Mix 20g fo Sale Damiana, passionflower, jasmine, lemon myrtle   Damiana is a soothing, gentle mood lifter while Pass..


My Namaste Mix 20g

My Namaste Mix 20g for Sale Mullein, damiana, red rose, pink rose Damiana is a soothiing, gentle mood lifter while Mullein relaxes the..


My Quit Smoking Mix 20g

My Quit Smoking Mix 20g for Sale Damiana, coltsfoot, lavender This soothing mix can be used as a smoking alternative – damiana is a ge..



Le Reve Silicone Rabbit Vibrator Hot Pink

Le Reve Silicone Rabbit Hot Pink Rabbit VibratorLength: 15.2cmWidth: 5.7cmColour: Hot Pink   The Le Reve Silicone Rabbit ..


Playful Charm Silicone Rechargeable Pink Vibrator

Playful Charm Silicone Rechargeable Pink Vibrator | Rechargeable Vibrators for Sale online at AdultCity.com.au Adult ShopProof that big th..


Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner with Aloe Vera 127ml

Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner with Aloe Vera 127ml for Sale 127ml   Our best-selling Toy Cleaner now with Aloe Vera Fights bacter..


Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Masturbation Sleeve

Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up Masturbation Sleeve for Sale The Pipedream Extreme Fill Her Up sex toy is great for any man who wants to kn..


We-Vibe 4 Plus Purple CLASSIC

We-Vibe 4 Plus Purple - The worlds best selling couples sex toy. Try the We-Vibe range of vibrators today. Length: 16.5cm Inserta..