What Not To Do During Foreplay

Posted by Adult City 18/03/2016 2 Comment(s)

If you want to ensure a great night in bed, really get into the benefits of sexual foreplay. Think of great sex as a full-course meal – and I really mean great sex, not that mediocre stuff you’ve convinced yourself is good. First there’s foreplay (the appetizer), then the ‘real deal make-you-squeal’ part (the main course), and finally the ‘one last quickie before we knockout’ (dessert). Foreplay is essential to getting things going for a phenomenal ending. 



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2 Comment(s)

Bianca Starr:
12/04/2016, 11:31:51 AM

Yes..yes..yes. Please make this a meme and pass it thoughout the world of every social media platform! Too many do not realize the importance of foreplay. It makes the rest of the adventure go so smoothly, it's the best at getting the juices flowing and if you do it right, it doesn't take that long.

12/04/2016, 09:44:37 PM

Oh my....when you perfect the foreplay, the woman (at least I do!) can not WAIT for the "main course"! :) And then, there are those where you're just like, get it done......it all depends on the technique. Some have the right touch, and there are some that.....ehhhh.

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