What Guys Really Think About Anal Sex

Posted by Adult City 22/01/2016 1 Comment(s)

Why does it feel like every guy wants to do this? What is it about anal that's so appealing? When this question is put to men there's never really a clear answer, just a lot of shrugs, mumbling "It's just, different."

Well, no kidding!

There are plenty of women who love anal sex, too. They know all the tips and best positions for it, even. Some say their orgasms are better or that they have more. Then of course there are the ones who are terrified of it in general.



What about guys? What do they really, really think about this sexual act that's been a topic of interest for them for, well, ever? Is it for bragging purposes or just about the way it feels?

Read on at Bustle.com to find out what 10 men have to say on the anal sex subject.

1 Comment(s)

12/04/2016, 09:39:26 PM

With my first husband, I could not stand it! He was/is small and it was horrible.....I never thought I'd do it again. But with my current man, Who's a lot bigger, it's actually enjoyable and relatively pain-free. I had always thought it'd depend on the size....apparently not. Guess it depends on how it's done.

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