Types of Sex Toys Every Women Should Own

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There are countless sex toys for women out there, so how do you know where you should start? What toys are really essential for your pleasure and which ones can you add later as you’ve already acquired the basics? As sex toys for women are designed to help women enjoy their sexuality and sensuality, you want to choose toys that help accomplish those base goals. Whether you plan on using your toys by yourself or with a partner, consider adding these sex toys for women to your top drawer first.


Wand Vibrator

Womens Wand VibratorsA wand vibrator becomes the star of many women’s sex toy collections. Wand vibrators can provide the most vibration power out of all vibrators, and this type of power can make a clitoral orgasm possible for many women – even those who were having problems with orgasms. Wand vibrators may be large and unwieldy, however, so having another vibrator in your collection opens up your playtime options.


Portable Vibrator

Make sure you have a vibrator that can go anywhere you do with a portable toy. Easy to pack into luggage or take out in a purse, most vibrators are designed to be portable. These types of vibrators may be rechargeable or use batteries to ensure you can use them on-the-go. While these vibrators may not be as strong as a wand, they ensure that you have a slimmer vibrator that can be used with partners or when you don’t want to be tethered to a certain spot.


G-Spot Vibrators

Womens G-Spot VibratorsMany women report that the g-spot is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on their bodies. While some women aren’t fond of the sensation of g-spot stimulation, quite a few fall in love with it. A g-spot toy is a must-have part of sex toys for women to figure out whether you enjoy g-spot stimulation or not – and then to continue to enjoy it if it turns out that you do. Because of the location of the g-spot, it can be hard to use your own fingers to hit it, so g-spot toys make the entire process much easier. Consider an adjustable g-spot dildo, a regular g-spot toy, or a g-spot vibrator.



Dildos for WomenHaving a regular dildo is your arsenal is a good idea. As many people love the sensation of penetration, a dildo becomes part of the must-have for sex toys for women. Consider a dildo with the features you’d like. Vibrations, waterproof capabilities, adjustability, and sterilisable materials are all things to consider when you’re finding the perfect dildo.


Anal Toys

While anal toys aren’t only available to people who were born with a vagina, anal toys can still be a top toy to play with. Not only does it allow you to explore an entirely new erogenous zone in the body, but lots of people report some of their strongest orgasms when they’re enjoying anal stimulation. If you want to start small, consider a butt plug for simple, discreet use. Don’t forget to also consider anal vibrators, anal beads, or anal dildos. Consider what type of pleasure you think you’ll like best and make sure you have an anal toy that helps achieve that pleasure.


Sexy Lingerie

You might not instantly think of this as a “sex toy”, but why not? It helps increase your confidence about yourself and puts you in a much more sensitive state for play. When you think of yourself as a sensual, attractive person,it’s much easier to enjoy and experience sexual activity.

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