The Low-Down on Lubes

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Adult City: The Low-Down on Lubricants

Lubricant isn’t a dirty word. The idea that personal lubricant is only for working girls or post-menopausal women is dangerously wrong and so 1982. Adding a good quality lubricant into your foreplay or sexy romp don’t only help things along the way, but it can also add an extra sensation or flavour to make things run smoother and can even be used as a part of a game to make things really interesting.

So, what are the differences between lubricants? Between warming and cooling, tingling, water-based, silicone-based and flavoured varieties, there are more kinds of lubricants on the market then we have time to mention. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of our favourites, all available right now, no matter what sexual situation you’re getting yourself into.



The Best: Tenga EGG Lotion

This smooth, palm-sized EGG of lubricant is a versatile lubricant available for any situation. While you can use this EGG for extra lubrication, it also suits any solo situation that calls for lubricant.

Honorable Mention: LaViva Top Gun Masturbation Cream

Unlike Silicone and Water-based lubricants, this non-greasy formula provides more than just a standard Lubricant. Top Gun masturbation cream is a premium cream lubricant, designed to take masturbation to a whole new level!



The Best: System Jo Tropical Passion 30ml

System JO H2O Flavoured Tropical Passion is a delicious water based personal lubricant that adds spice to your sensual experience now in a handy travel size container.

Honorable Mention: System Jo Watermelon 30ml



The Best: Intimate Organics Anal Adventure Spray 30ml

Unlike other anal sprays that can numb the sphincter and cause tearing, our herbal spray is designed to relax the sphincter for comfort prior to penetration.

Honorable Mention: ERO Backside Cream 50ml

Extremely good gliding property cream and spray specially designed for anal intercourse. This anal cream is relaxing and caring at the same time – for greater pleasure without loss of sensation.



The Best: Wonderland Tingling Personal Lubricant

The long lasting formula with the powerful cooling and tingling sensations will entice your lover into a frenzy of animalistic sex like never before.

Honorable Mention: Wet Stuff Peppermint Tingle

This unique lubricant provides hours of stimulation thanks to the cooling tingle provided by the peppermint additive.



The Best: System Jo Personal Lubricant

Silicone lube is extremely long lasting, and perfect for use in and under water, since it won't dissolve or wash away- it's also ideal for skin to skin contact, masturbation and use with most toy materials.

Honorable Mention: Wet Ecstasy Silicone Lubricant

With natural herbal aphrodisiac ingredients like peppermint, ginger and passionflower, Wet Stuff Ecstasy Silicone Lubricant provides a unique cooling sensation, which increases sensitivity and excitement, leading to more pleasure.



System Jo Organic Lubricant

Jo Certified Organic Personal Lubricant is a silky smooth, long lasting water based lubricant, certified organic and naturally moisturizing with Certified Aloe Vera and Acai extracts. Jo Organic provides natural-feeling slipperiness that is gentler than other formulas.



THe Best: Four Seasons His and Hers Twin Lubricant

Fusion lubricants offer an amazing experience for both partners, unique alone, incredible together! Warming for one, tingling for the other, they make a great combination when they come together

Honorable Mention: Wet Together Couples Lubricant

Wet Together by Wet is a 'His and Hers' lubrication package that's specifically designed to increase sensation, stimulation and pleasure during sex.


So instead of blushing at the L word, try out one of our fantastic Lubricants or Pleasure Enhancers when you get a new sex toy from our adult shop, and see for yourself why lubes really are the icing on the cake.

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