The Benefits of Shopping for Sex Toys Online

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Shopping for sex toys creates two problems; what to buy, and where to buy. Sure if you have an adult shop that’s within driving distance, it is convenient to duck down to the store and buy your new toys, but therein lies another problem. Sure, if you don’t care what people think of you and the gossip-mill running wild, it isn’t so bad, but if you’re from a smaller town or community where everyone knows everyone’s business, well there goes your privacy.


No Pushy Salespeople

You can shop to your hearts desire without having a pushy or overbearing sales assistant watching your every more. No more pushy sales tactics to get rid of the over-stocked products and no more questionable product information. Shopping for your sex toys online allows you to browse and shop for as long as you want, without the hassle of a salesperson cramping your style, without unwanted purchases over the crappy over-stocked products. And most importantly, you can research and get real and honest reviews and opinions before you hand over the plastic.


No Dodgy Backstreets

If you decide to shop for your sex toys online, you’ll never have to traipse down the dodgy backstreets and dimly-lit part of town to buy your new Lelo vibrator or favourite flavoured lubricant.  In fact you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your couch. Double win!


No Prying Eyes

If you do decide to go to the old bricks and mortar adult shop and manage to purchase your item with discretion, your car is still parked out in front, and the bag in your back seat is like a mini billboard to advertise to your neighbours and passers-by where you’ve been which will only lead to further speculation about what you’ve purchased when you're coming home. When you purchase from our online adult shop, we ensure your privacy is the top priority which means discreet boxes or satchels without any shipping labels that give away where and what purchases lie within.


No Embarrassment


Do you have a special kind of kink, taboo or fetish that makes you blush? Some of us would like to keep our strap-ons and butt plugs to ourselves and not show and tell with the rest of our community.


No Operating Hours


Best of all, shopping online means no operating hours. We’re open and read for sales 24/7, 365. Any time you are feeling in the mood to pick up a new vibrator or replace your worn out old whip with a brand spankin’ new one, you can do so whenever the mood strikes you.


No Out of Stock


There's nothing worse than making your way down to your local only to find that all that trouble was for nothing, the Dildo you wanted is currently out of stock. Shopping at our online adult shop has a plethora of advantages, one of which that there is more of a variety to choose from. An onsite shop has only so much floor space, but a warehouse like Adult City can be stocked to the rafters offering you many more choices.

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