The 5 Most Popular Types of Vibrators

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Vibrators are certainly a staple of the sex toy world. With numerous styles and designs, vibrators are a versatile pleasure tool that can be used on most parts of the body for any gender. As the demand and popularity grows, manufacturers continue to create innovate and unique vibrators to meet every pleasurable need possible. If you’re looking to purchase a new vibrator, check out the 5 most popular types below.

Traditional Vibrators

Sometimes sticking with tradition isn’t boring, which is fact when talking about Traditional Vibrators. Traditional Vibrators may appear so-so, however are anything but.  While there is an array of different designs, traditional vibrators are generally comprised of a straight shaft and generally offer one or more vibration patterns to really get the party started.


Playful Twirl Silicone Rechargeable Pink Vibrator


G-Spot Vibrators

Bended and intended for insertion, g-spot Vibrators incorporate an exceptional shape that should help hit the g-spot each and every use. Most ladies recat favourably to g-spot stimulation, so a g-spot vibrator that is unbending and what’s more, firm, will allow the user to rock against the toy for the most extraordinary g-spot delight. With an appropriate base and utilising precautionary measures, numerous g-spot toys can likewise be used anally to hit the prostate.


Fun Factory Patchy Paul G-Spot Vibrator


Bullet Vibrators

Ideal for play with your bedroom accomplices a bullet vibrator is a little, egg-like vibrator that is normally joined to a remote through a string. You (or your partner) can hold the remote while the wearer can appreciate the bullet vibrator's vibrations. Remote forms of this well-known vibrator will permit you to both to play out in the open while no one is none-the-wiser and your partner controls each ounce of vibrating and intensity.


Mood Blissful Egg Bullet Vibrator


Rabbit Vibrators

If you’re chasing simultaneous stimulation, then rabbit vibrators are the place it's at. Designed with two separate stimulation focuses, the long, penetrative end can be inserted into the body while the outside "clitoral arm" invigorates the clitoris or other delicate outer zones. Huge numbers of these vibrators are outfitted with pushing or winding of the pole for included delight as the clitoral arm vibrates. Many users swear by rabbit vibrators, however know that it might take a couple tries until you discover the toy that has that impeccable blend between length, capacity, what's more, outline for your one of a kind body.


Rocks Off Roxy Rabbit Vibrator


Wand Vibrators

If pure power is what you need, wand vibrators are going to be what you want. Many require a wall outlet, but the power they put out is unrivalled. These massagers are literally like “wands” – quite long and quite bigger than most vibrators. Make sure you have the room to hide such a vibrator if you want it.


LELO Smart Wand Ivory Vibrato

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