Sex is Key To Relationship Bliss? Tell Us Something New

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Sex is Key To Relationship Bliss? Tell Us Something New

The full results of one of the largest studies to date on sexual satisfaction in long-term relationships were published in the Journal of Sex Research recently.
It turns out that sex and communication are key to successful relationships and that couples who communicate about their sex lives are both more sexually satisfied and happier. This comes as no surprise. Ayesha Vardag, who has over 10 years experience working with couples whose relationships have broken down where sexual disconnect is the biggest underlying cause, spoke to The Huffington Post.



Often, I'm the first person they've told, because the couple can't communicate their frustrations to each other, and telling outsiders is embarrassing.

However, whilst open channels of communication about our sexual needs and desires is important, that's not the whole picture. Communication, on all fronts is at the core of any long lasting relationship.


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