New Study Reveals the Secret to a Long and Great Sex Life

Posted by Adult City 23/02/2016 1 Comment(s)

If you've been in a relationship for as long as you can remember it can be hard to keep that spark.

You get comfy, you stop making an effort, you even start farting in each other's presence and worst of all the sex goes stale (That's what we're told anyway).

But a new study has found the secret to a long and happy sex life - and it's pretty simple.

If you still want to be knocking boots when you're claiming your pension - and beyond - the study says you just need to keep things fresh.



The research, which looked at 38,747 couples aged 18 to 65 who were married or living together, found that adding variety to your sex life can keep the spark alive.

The even better news is that mixing it up and trying new moves and introducing sex toys can keep you as sexually satisfied as those glorious first six months of a relationship when you're literally at it around the clock.

Read on at for the indepth article and tips to make your sex life last the distance without becoming stale.

1 Comment(s)

Bianca Starr:
12/04/2016, 11:40:22 AM

I can see the importance of switching things up. Too much of the same thing can get repetitive which is boring. Most people dont let their spouse know they need change which can open up to curiosity with other people to get that sonething different, the problem onle comes when one spouse refuses to try what the other wants to experience.

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