Man Caught Driving Naked with Sex Toy

Posted by Adult City 29/03/2016 1 Comment(s)

MEMBERS of the New South Wales Police Force are horrified at the number of people making poor choices when travelling on the roads over the Easter Long Weekend. 

In Orange police from the Canobolas Highway Patrol stopped a vehicle about 2.40pm on Friday due to the slow speed it was travelling at. 

As they approached the vehicle, they observed that the 30-year-old male driver was naked, with a sex toy nearby.

The man, who was allowed to dress, failed a mobile drug test which resulted in a secondary sample being taken at Orange Police Station. 



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11/04/2016, 10:37:20 PM

Lol! That would be a story that gets around in the police Guess, maybe the guy shouldn't drink anymore? And if that's your....interest, then please, stop the car before getting into it!

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