How to Have Better Anal Sex

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Want to have better Anal Sex? Here's how..


Not quite the taboo it once was, anal sex can still seem like a daunting task to add to your sexual bucket list though it isn’t hard to learn how to have better and more fulfilling anal sex.

Just like the nipples, neck and clitoris, the anal area is an erogenous zone, and if treated with the same respect and attention can provide you an incredible experience you’ve never felt before.


Lots of Lubricant

Anal Lubricants

Lubricant is the number one must have for any type of anal penetration. Unlike the vagina which can provide its own lubrication, the anal area doesn’t.


If you aren’t experienced in anal play, lubricant is a necessity. Without utilising any of the anal-specific lubricants available, you can be susceptible to tearing or ripping of the anal area, resulting in an unpleasant experienced you would likely not be willing to try again. Apply it with hands near the anal area and inside the anal area, and don’t forget to cover whatever you’re penetrating with it as well. Don’t be afraid to stop for frequent breaks to reapply lube as well. Anal sex shouldn’t be painful,

so if it is, definitely stop to make sure that there’s enough slickness.




Patience is a VirtueAnal Sex Toys

Going in all guns blazing is another sure-fire way to end up in an unpleasant anal experience. Taking you time and be willing to wait is a tenant of pleasurable anal sex as the body requires a bit more time and patience to get used to stretching of the anal muscles when penetrating for the first, second or even tenth time.


Consider starting small and working your way up. For some people, this may just mean using fingers whereas others prefer smaller-sized anal toys to work up to the main event. Figuring out what works best for you is another must when you’re considering anal play.









If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again

Sometimes, it just isn’t going to be a good day for it. Stress or just a wandering mind can make it really difficult to successfully accomplish pleasurable anal sex. Don’t be afraid to take a break and try again another day. Your mind won’t be pressured to try and do it anyway while your body will appreciate the break.

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