How to Give X-Rated Gifts this Christmas

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While nutmeg and cinnamon add spice to the festive palate, couples around Australia are looking to spice things up even more in the bedroom. This holiday season. Sex toys, and sexual novelties are perfect to amp up the intimacy and excitement in your relationship both physically and mentally. As we get older it takes more physical stimulation to get excited: our blood flow reduces and hormones can wreak havoc on our sex levels. Adult toys add erotic stimulation by adding in novelty.



Talk to your Partner about your Sexual Desires

Before you go all steam ahead with whips and clamps and bondage kits, talk to your partner about their sexual desires. Not everyone is into clamps, just like not everyone is turned on my anal play. Paying attention to any desires or fantasies your partner may have is a great place to start when looking for a sexy gift this year.



Don’t Disregard your Sexual Boundaries

Nine times out of ten, a sex toy or adult toy gifted provides both partners with just as much excitement as each other. While it’s great to take the initiate if you’re BOTH wanting to spice things up in the bedroom, just remember, this is a gift for your partner as much as yourself, so don’t go indulging your own fantasies without considering your partner too.



Take your partner’s feelings into consideration

If you’re going to give a sex toy, you definitely want to let your partner know that it’s something that you’re doing for them and for the relationship. A gift of this kind could convey unintentional messages of judgment and dissatisfaction.



Don’t think sex just happens

Talk the talk. Don’t just assume you’ll get the kind of sex you want without putting your thoughts no the table.



Ease in experimental props

If you’re in a new relationship or haven’t introduced toys in the past, start slow with sensual massage products or a sexy game. A couples sexy game or a deck of cards that encourage both talking about and acting on desire is the perfect place to start if you don’t want to give away your gift idea.



Don’t leave your X-Rated Gift under the tree

With prying eyes and parents in the room or children bouncing off their seat with excitement this kind of gift screams intimacy. Don’t, and we repeat, DON’T leave a gift of this kind under the tree unless you’re 100% willing to admit to parents, grandparents, kids and siblings that you’re on the naughty list this year.

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