Here's How Long People are Having Sex For

Posted by Adult City 15/01/2016 2 Comment(s)

It’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself: How long is sex supposed to last? And that answer is: Well, that totally depends. A survey from October 2015 by sex toy retailer Adam & Eve found that the average amount of time that people have sex is 7.3 minutes. Although the same study also found that, for most, foreplay lasts 20 minutes, there’s something about that 7.3 minutes that makes me wonder if that’s a good or bad thing. Well, if you’re in a rush, a quickie can be a great thing; if you have no place to go and hours to kill, then it might be a bad thing.

2 Comment(s)

12/04/2016, 10:04:14 PM

I wouldn't really expect there to be a given length of time for sex.....with a previous guy, it was long and unexciting. With my current guy, it lasts about 5-6 minutes, but it is highly intense and very, very satisfying. As long as you get both get pleasure from the act, then the length of time doesn't matter.

20/09/2016, 12:02:27 PM

Thank you for share this information

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