Great Sex Takes Engineering and Time

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Great Sex Takes Time Adult ShopAsk most women what they need to have a thoroughly enjoyable time between the sheets and the answer will almost likely be more. More attention. More friction. More to the left. More to the right. More speed. More of it. Problem is most men don’t necessarily take their time when looking to hit a home run. For women, however, the importance of endurance and more time cannot be overstated. While a quickie is a great tension reliever and perfect for time-poor situations, women generally want their time to last longer, with foreplay and a lust-filled build to the happy ending. Studies show that it takes women 10 to 20 minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm, while it only takes men two to three minutes after beginning intercourse – go figure. Here are a few tips for improving your game to impress all night long.


Foreplay. Foreplay. Foreplay.

Foreplay is not optional. And if you really want to do right, you’re going to have to get started before you even get started. Or, more specifically, you’ll have to get her started before you get started. Talk dirty. Introduce sex toys. Pay attention to her other erogenous zones. Better yet, get her turned on without using your hands. The brain is the largest sexual organ in our bodies. If you really understand this concept, you can use this to your advantage anytime you like. Include nonphysical moves such as reading her an erotic story, or telling her what you want to do to her either on the phone, by writing her a note and tucking it into her pocket, sending a text message, or emailing her. If you can get her wet before you even touch her, you are doing very, very well.



Get Your Mind Off It

Sex isn’t just physical. Thinking about sex is also sexy. For men, it can be a little too sexy. Particularly when they’re having sex. So, part of taking control involves taking your mind off what you’re doing.  Think shopping for furniture, work issues, baseball or doing the dishes. This is not a complicated technique, but it means that in order to make a woman feel as good as possible, a man has to take one for the team.


Change Positions

Some sex positions feel way too good, so another way to last longer is to choose one that’s less stimulating. So ditch the tried-and-true missionary and opt for something that gives you more control and allows for extra stimulation. She will thank you for that later.


Make Love Longer

Having sex is easy. Having great sex often takes a little engineering, because let’s face it, most women aren’t that easy to please. And while men like to carry a swagger about how much they love sex, in my experience, what many of them are really into is sending a woman into throes of orgasmic ecstasy. Nothing less will do. And that is not something that happens within three minutes.

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