Genius man replaces guns with dildos in these photos of GOP politicians

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Genius man replaces guns with dildos in these photos of politicians.


Some politicians like to pose next to smiling babies and adorable first-graders. And some like to stand next to enormous guns.

Matt Haughey, founder of Metafilter and creator of the Tumblr account GOPdildo, decided to make an update to his page Friday night. Tired of seeing so many people in power holding weapons, he decided to simply cut them out and replace the guns with dildos.

"Almost every right wing leader does a photo op at a gun range at one point in their campaigns, and they often are awarded old rifles onstage," Haughey told Mashable.

"But the gun range ones, there's something about them, how Huckabee and Rand Paul act all tough in the shots, like they genuinely think they're badasses for holding these ridiculous assault weapons," he said. "There's something ridiculous in those shots that makes it easy to make light of them."

So Haughey swapped guns for dildos. The results were eerily great.

Read the full story here and check out Matt Haughey's fantastic Tumblr account 'GOPdildo' here.


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