Dog Walker Finds Sex Toys Washed Up On Beach Twice

Posted by Adult City 04/04/2016 1 Comment(s)

A dog owner enjoying a stroll on the beach had a shock when he found his dogs playing with sex toys washed up on the shore - not only once, but twice.

Dad-of-two Martin Kelleher spotted the Rampant Rabbit vibrator during his daily walk along the beach – but not before his shih tzus Millie and Mollie had already licked it.

The Easter Monday find in Quilty, Co Clare, prompted jokes that it was a different kind of “Easter Rabbit”.


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The find comes just weeks after Martin discovered another decaying rubber sex-aid in the same spot, the Irish Mirror reports.

1 Comment(s)

12/04/2016, 09:48:21 PM

Good lord! Some of those toys are won't see me leaving mine anywhere! Especially out in At least this man's kids aren't the ones finding them! :)

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