Crowdfunding and Sex Toys

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Crowdfunding & Sex Toys


At the start of 2015, sex toy startup Comingle was doing great. It had successfully crowdfunded over $60,000 for the Mod, a hypercustomizable vibrator that had already been recognized for its innovation by sex tech showcase Arse Elektronika. The company’s quirky vision for “technosexual freedom” was being lauded by the press, and it seemed like Comingle was on its way to something big—the latest rising star in the much discussed trend of innovative crowdfunded sex toys.



But a year later, things are radically different. Last week, Comingle announced the cancellation of the Mod Project. Backers were left empty-handed, receiving discount codes for other products rather than their promised Mods. Though the exact future of Comingle is still unclear, it seems unlikely that the company's sex hacking dreams will come to fruition any time soon.


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