The 8 Steps of Accidentally Ending Up in a Relationship

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Step by Step: The 8 Steps of Accidentally Ending Up in a Relationship

We hear about steps all the time. The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program. The 2-Step Breakdance. Tony Robins 7 Steps to Financial Freedom. The 5 Steps of Loss and Grief. Even 5 Steps, the 1996 hip-hop soul hit from Dru Hill (Siquo pre-Thong Song anyone?) Well move over all you previous steps because there is a new step in town. Bustle has put together an impressive and insightful step process; The 8 Steps of Accidentally Ending Up in a Relationship When You Meant to Keep Things Casual.

Step 1: They Text Mundane Details About Their Day

‘Good morning.’ ‘I’m bored.’ ‘What’s happening?’ They all qualify. So too does boring work anecdotes and a play-by-play of the fiasco that happened on your morning commute.


Step 2: Small Tokens of Affection

Mix CDs, their-shout dinners or a surprise box of your favourite chocolate or bouquet of flowers all qualify and are certainly above and beyond what is required of a casual relationship.


Step 3: Introducing you to Friends

It may begin as just a chill afternoon at the local bar, but before you know it, you’ll be having couples weekend get-aways and swapping slow-cooker recipes or BBQing tips with their mates’ partners.


Step 4: They Ask your Opinion

Whether trivial or serious, they ask for your opinion on a range of things showing that they value your advice and are confident you’ve got their back.


Step 5: PDA

Public handholding, stealing chaste kisses or an arm over your shoulder shows to anyone who can see, that you are in fact, his or hers.


Step 6: They Respond Quickly

Abandoning the ‘charm’ of the wait 3 days to call, your hook up buddy replies to your emails, text messages or phone calls immediately.


Step 7: Frequent Sleepovers

Not all-night bang-for-your-buck ‘sleepovers’, but sleepovers where you talk about your feelings and dreams.


Step 8: Last but not least, Sexless Sleepovers

If this happens more than once, congratulations, or commiserations, you are officially in a relationship.


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