The Best Male Pleasure Enhancers

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The Best Male Pleasure Enhancers

While the normal thought of male enhancement for sexual pleasure isn’t necessarily needed, many men aren’t as familiar with the extent and complexity of their sexual anatomy. Most men seen to think if they can’t get it up or can’t stay hard there must be some deep-rooted underlying issue and their ego takes a major hit. But like women’s sexual health, men can sometimes do with a bit of a warm-up prior to the main game. The idea that the penis shaft and head is the only erogenous zone for men is an archaic and out-dated idea not unlike the idea the clitoris is a little ‘GO’ button for women.

Fortunately for men who are having trouble getting hard, or staying hard for their partners, AdultCity has numerous pleasure enhancers and lubricants available that can certainly help men reach their full potential between the sheets.


California Exotics Stay Hard Cream

Great for the men needing a bit of help going to extra mile, the California Exotics Stay Hard Cream 44ml is an incredibly effective male desensitising cream.


Doc Johnson Proloonging + Plump Pack

The delay cream, “Proloonging”, contains 7.5% Benzocaine which acts as a desensitizing agent that helps to extend love making sessions and prevent premature ejaculation. The size enhancing cream, “Plump”, increases blood flow to the penis for a thicker, larger look and feel.


ERO Spanish Fly Extreme for Men

One of the most famous aphrodisiacs to give women and men a totally different amorous experience.


HOT eXXtreme Power Caps for Men 5 Pack

5 caps per pack, the HOT eXXtreme Power Caps for Men are a nutritional supplement which can give you pure power thanks to its special formula!


LaViva Top Gun Masturbation Cream

Top Gun masturbation cream is a premium cream lubricant, designed to take masturbation to a whole new level! After years of research, the team at La Viva has developed a lubricant that gets better the longer you use it


Pipedream Passion Packs for Him

This pack is all you need to power up your passion! Apply the appropriate cream about 20 minutes prior to sexual activity, and your lover will finally see who the real Man of Steel is! Pack includes Gladiator Performance Cream, Rock hard Erection Cream, Time Out Delay Desensitizing Cream and Mr Thick Dick Thickening Cream.


Ultra Maximum Delay Spray

Delays orgasm!!! The Ultra Maximum Delay Spray is formulated to prolong sexual pleasure so you and your partner experience longer lasting enjoyment!


Viamax Maximum Gel

The Viamax Maximum Gel is a fast-acting herbal-based gel containing a combination of desire and pleasure enhancing aphrodisiac herbs. Maximum Gel gives a longer lasting erection to perform normal sexual action


Mr Thick Dick Enhancer Cream

Rub this specially formulated cream on his penis and watch as it grows and thickens. With heat giving properties, this unique formula is designed to stimulate a maximum erection - and it works


ERO Active Power Spray for Men

Especially developed for men, who want just a little bit more. For more strength & pure passion during one of the most important acts of the world.

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