Women’s Sex Myths Busted

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Women’s Sex Myths Busted

Women have less sexual desire than men

Sure, men are more impulsive, more reactive to arousal and find it easier to climax, but that doesn't mean that women have less desire: it’s just that they express it differently and more discreetly. Aside from pure physical arousal, women need to feel loved.


Sex isn't important to women

There's a preconceived idea that women don’t like sex and prefer family life to a sex life. Women love a good sex life just as much as men, but they don't give priority to one area of their life over another. They just multi-task and attempt to combine everything. You only have to look at the Sex & the City girls to see that sex is very much at the forefront of many ladies' minds!


Women talk about sex more among themselves than men do

Not necessarily. Women talk a lot about sex when they are together, but they tend to get into the juicier details more than men, who talk about sex much more generally. Men prefer to say whether it was good or bad, without necessarily going into all the details. Women don't talk about sex more: they do it differently.


Women masturbate very little or not at all

It’s difficult to say exactly how many women masturbate because even in our times, female masturbation is still a taboo subject. According to a recent study, 60% of women have masturbated - the majority!


Women all love cunnilingus

Not necessarily! 75% of women have had cunnilingus, but according to an American study 45% aren't comfortable receiving oral sex because of embarrassment or simply because they find the sensation unpleasant. We don’t all love oral sex.


If a woman's vagina doesn't get wet naturally, she isn't sexually aroused.

Again, not necessarily. There are other causes of vaginal dryness. You need to take into account stress, hormonal changes, lack of sexual activity and even the side-effects of medication. Most of the time, a lack of vaginal lubrication has nothing to do with desire.


Women are romantic and want their men to be chivalrous

Yes, we love the bouquets of flowers, the surprise gifts and love notes, but that's not all. We also love men who have a rebellious streak, who don’t give into our every wish and who say no to us (sometimes).


Women like to take their time

Yes and no. Although it’s well known that women like foreplay, we're not averse to the odd quickie! Women also love fast, animal sex, so sometimes the game plan can go out of the window.


Women need to be in love to make love

Women are perfectly capable of differentiating their hearts from their bodies and don't necessarily feel guilty about having sex with someone they're not in love with. Nonetheless, sex doesn't happen without respect.


A woman's sexual pleasure depends on the size of her partner’s penis

This is a huge problem for men who think that female orgasm and pleasure depends purely on the size of their penis. It’s totally false, because the depth of the vagina is limited and the G spot is not at the back: it's located around 4cm from the entrance. So guys, the key to making us happy in bed lies elsewhere: in foreplay, caresses, your knowledge of our bodies and your skill!

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