Buying Her a Sex Toy

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Buying your partner a sex toy is a bold move but certainly pays off if you invest in the right toys for her. Giving her a huge dildo with attachments galore may scare her to death while a traditional vibrator may bore her to death. Read on to learn how to buy your partner a sex toy she, and hopefully you, will enjoy for years to come.

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The easiest way to know what she would like is to ask her, but if you are buying her a surprise gift, you will have to make an educated guess.


Whatever your woman’s overall preferences, they are likely to vary with her mood, so you need to choose a sex toy that will suit the range of her aroused occasions. Your safest bet is to buy something that provides pleasure to all zones at various speeds that offer different levels of pressure.


You don’t want to go overboard with the first sex toy; keep this one simple, subtle and functional. Silicone and rubber sex toys have the most life-like feel to and are always a good choice as she is more likely to enjoy the experience. They are also very safe, and warm up under a hot tap easily.LELO Alia Deep Rose Massager


Don’t scrimp and save on this purchase — you want to ensure quality. Having a toy not work or fall to bits at the crucial moment is going to make you look like a cheapie — not exactly the sexy look you were going for! 

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There are a number of ways to do this. If you want it to be a surprise gift, the classiest thing you can do is have it wrapped and mailed straight to her with a sexy note. If you want to use it with her, you could put it under the pillow and give it to her on the spur of the moment, though this approach could go one of two ways — it could have negative consequences if, for some reason, she has a problem with your purchase, or it could lead to extremely hot sex.

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