10 Libido Boosting Tips for a Better Sex Life

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10 Libido Boosting Tips for a Better Sex Life

Add Sex to Your To-Dos

Check your diary. How many scheduled appointments do you see? Doctors, meetings, lunches, drinks with friends – so why not sex?

Sure, it’s not romantic, but the more your do it, the more you’ll want it. Instead of spending your Saturday night on the couch with a block of Cadbury between the two of you, and potentially killing your sex life, rekindle the romance. Get out and go on a good old-fashioned date. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or lavish. Go and get ice cream, or have a movie date. Whatever it is, by setting aside a specific time with your partner, and investing quality time into your relationship, you’ll both feel compelled to keep the appointment when you’ve made a commitment to having an active sex life.

Swap your OCP

Hormonal changes can take a heavy toll on your sex drive, and up the top of the perpetrators list: Birth Control Pills. The Pill can reduce your body’s production of testosterone and in turn, your desire to get down.

Check other Meds while you’re at it

Check your medicine cabinet while you’re at it. Prescription medication can also be impacting your sex drive. Common offenders can include medication used to treat anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. If a prescribed medication may be the culprit, discuss your concerns with the prescribing Doctor. There may be other medications out there you can use, with fewer side effects.

De-Stress before Sex

Everyday stressors – work, children, and grades – have a powerful effect on your sex life. Being stressed caused your body to produce more of the ‘sink or swim’ hormone cortisol, which your body needs, in small doses, can, supress the libido when produced in excess. Before jumping in between the sheets, find an easy, effective way to help de-stress from life’s everyday worries. Whether it’s taking a long bath, mediation, yoga or curling up with a book.

Lube Up

Getting in the mood can be mighty hard when sex hurts. By investing in a good quality lubricant, you’ll be rolling around in the sheets in no time. The best part, lubricants come in all shapes and sizes, flavours and enhancers, that you are bound to find the right one for you. Whether it’s a tingling sensation, chocolate flavoured or a his and hers duo pack, there is a lubricant out there for you!

Divide Chores EVENLY

This one, in my humble opinion is a given. There is nothing worse than coming home from along day in the office to realise you’ve still got washing to put away, a spare room to make up for your visitors due tomorrow, pets to feed and dinner to cook. Here’s my tip. If you and your partner both work full time, divide the house-hold chores evenly, that way one partner doesn’t have to shoulder all of the burden, and you’ll be both benefiting in the bedroom in no time.

Eat Clean

This is one of my favourites for many reasons – EAT CLEAN! I’m not saying you have to be fanatical, and avoid breads, pasta, chocolate, yoghurt and cheese, but eating well can certainly spice things up in the bedroom and out!

Eat Aphrodisiacs

Avocados. Oysters. Almonds. Strawberries. There’s a reason these foods pop up in restaurants for Valentines Day menus year in, year out.

Set your room up for Romance

I’m a firm believer the bedroom is for 2 things; sleep and sex. It’s easy to get into the habit of letting children or pets sneak into your room night after night, working on your report, checking Facebook and social media or watching tv, but these are major mood killers. It may take some time (and heartbreak) to break these habits, but by making your bedroom into YOUR room again will make you more relaxed, and ready for romance!

Go for a Walk

Or run. Cooking Classes. Or dance classes. Any hobby you and your partner can do together. A new hobby can strengthen your emotional bond, and feelings of support boost desire.

Exercise Often

Less stress, improved mood and higher self-esteem are all major benefits of keeping fit and healthy and would you know it, are all factors that can boost your sex drive. 

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