8 Celebrities That Shouldn’t Have Their Own Sex Toys (But Do)

Posted by Adult City 01/02/2016 0 Comment(s)

Our culture is utterly obsessed with celebrities. To the point where it’s not enough to just watch their movies or listen to their albums or enjoy the Kardashians…in whatever way we’re supposed to be doing that. No, now we want them to be a more integral part of our lives.

Also, we want to f*ck them. So there’s that.

Well, most of them anyways. As long as they’re moderately attractive and have appeared in a blockbuster film franchise or released a hit single, then they’re guaranteed at least a temporary spot up in the ol’ spank bank. And some enterprising celebrities have taken notice of this simple, biological fact and decided to release their own sex toys to the public to give them the greatest gift of all: Themselves. On your genitals.



Read on at whatculture.com for the prime examples of celebrity sex toys that really shouldn’t exist. Occasionally an independent company that decided to release a sex toy in the celebrity’s image on their behalf (because otherwise they’re just leaving that money in the wind!). But in either case, they’re horrible, horrible things that have place existing in this world.

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