6 Surprising One-Night-Stand Facts

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Much can be said of our modern casual sex culture, and lots has. But where does science fit into all of this? Has anyone done any studies of hookup culture? Why do we do what we do? Why are women so lament-y about it all, and some men so gung-ho? Is casual sex in our genes? Why are some people loving it out there and some pretty angsty about one-night stands? Turns out these questions and more have been asked by researchers, and some rather intriguing results have been uncovered.



Basically, if you're in search of weird facts about one-night stands, they are out there, and they are plentiful. For example, 70 percent of Australians have had casual sex with someone just one time. That's a lot. Casual sex is out there to be had, and it's become less normal if you haven't had such an experience at this point. Also, there's a lower chance that you'll have an orgasm if you engage in casual sex (not surprising), but you might gain a little boost in body confidence out of it. And you definitely don't have to be romantic or get super into foreplay during a one-night stand if you don't feel like it. But what about the stranger facts about one-night stands? Click through to Bustle for 6 one-night-stand facts you should know.

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