365 Ways to Turn Him On 9

Posted by Adult City 11/04/2016 2 Comment(s)

365 Ways to Turn Him On


Technique No: 9

Sooth His Temples

Unplug his brain and envelop him in waves of bliss when you give him a head and temple massage. 

Circle your fingers on his temples and along his jaw line, planting soft kisses as you go.

Pro Tip: Whisper in his ear as you go all the naughty thing you want to do to him once he’s relaxed and stress-free













2 Comment(s)

11/04/2016, 10:26:29 PM

Whoa. I never even suspected that this is a way to get him aroused...I've done this for years! :) Great to know that I've done my part to keep our fire alive.

Bianca Starr:
12/04/2016, 02:23:27 AM

The temple massage is a great method to use that can also be done in public. It's a fast way to get things flowing as well as destress. I love the two in ones. But from experience, this one works well without much effort. Also there is a certain area behind the ear that is a great stimulator if you massage it. You just have to play around a little to you find it!

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